I got to finally get back to photographing concerts after the pandemic happened. ’68 at southside ballroom was probably one of my first ones to photograph since moving here 2.5 years Ago. I had got to do a few here in there when I first moved to the Dallas area, but the pandemic happened so I didn’t really get a chance to do it a whole lot. This was on The Fall Of Troy 15+1 year tour for Doppelganger, which is crazy because I saw them back in my home town on the first tour for this album right after they had graduated high school. 

’68 brought some energy with how little they have member wise. They are probably one of the most wild bands I have seen in a while from flying guitars to mid set handshakes with fans and photographers, it was all in the set that they had that night. ’68 is a band I have always been interested in but never really thought id get to photograph, I have been a fan of Josh Scogin from the time he was in Norma Jean to the chariot and now ’68.

They are wild and I was really pushing the limits of the autofocus on my camera, but it was totally worth it in the end. I’m hoping when they come through again I can check them out again or at least photograph them one more time.

Most of these were shot on the Fuji x-pro3 and 18mm 1.4 mixed with a 35mm 1.4 and 56mm 1.2 at some points, all with the acros profile then edited in capture one. The reason for all black and white was they had just a constant barrage of solid warm yellow light that didn’t have any contrast or anything like that .

Without any other words here is my photos of ’68 at southside ballroom. See more of my concert work here

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