Deep Ellum Street Photography during ice and snow storm | Photo by Jeffrey Anderson

There was a random ice and snow storm that blanketed Dallas in snow and ice for a few days.

My wife mallory was getting her hair done down in Deep Ellum, so i decided to wander around while she was getting it done and do some documenting of the Deep Ellum snow day and everything that was going on down there. I am getting to where i really like more bright images instead of dark and moody ones, deep ellum was still kind of busy considering it was really cold day this day, so much so that i had to wear gloves. i am for sure wanting to get back to shooting more this year, whether it is more street, more concerts, or more weddings. I really want to hone my skills more and become a better all around photographer. The Deep Ellum snow day was a very interesting one with all the ice it made it complicated at some points to walk but i managed just fine.

All of these photos were just about a hour long walk with two different lenses, the Sony 35mm f/1.8 and the Sony 85mm f/1.8. I shot everything at iso 64 and exposed for highlights and brought it back up in lightroom, the Sony a7iii amazes me at how much detail it can save. Everything was edited with a preset based on a few Kodak films.

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