Jeffrey anderson photography.
A bride and groom are posing for a photo during their engagement session with a documentary style Dallas Tx Wedding Photographer.

Enchanted Rock State Park Engagement

Patsy & Ryan’s Enchanted rock engagement session, was absolutely wonderful.

Patsy & Ryan actually drove overnight in a massive rain storm for the session, so when we got there we setout to the summit trail only to find it was closed due to the previous nights rain.

With the closures at the park we were limited to one trail and one trail only. Lucky for us it was the second location we had scouted online for this session. They were absolute troopers and were down for anything whether it was hiking up and getting off the trail, or going through water they were there for it.

 All in all Patsy & Ryan’s Enchanted Rock Engagement session went so well even with all the rain, trail closures, & sleep deprivation. We were able to get some amazing photos that everyone was extremely happy with! 

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