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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been photographing weddings since late 2010.

We are located in Anna Tx, which is about 45 minutes outside of the wonderful city of Dallas Tx. Do not let that scare you though as we love to travel and can for sure accommodate any destination or elopements. 

Short answer is, enough to tell the story of your day. long answer it averages about 75 photos per hour. so a 5 hour wedding will get bout 400 photos while a 10 hour wedding will get abut 750

I am a huge fan of having your photos printed. Photos are not meant to be just digital file with 1s and 0s so I always offer prints and albums for all of my sessions and weddings. I  work with a pro print lab to make sure everything is calibrated from my screen to the printers that they have, consistency is key here. 

Most of the time my wife Mallory will be with me to assist and also shoot, along with help with poses.  

My current turnaround time is anywhere from 4-6 weeks, but usually faster. I do make sure after a few days to give you about 10 photos as a teaser so you can have a little glimpse

Absolutely. Travelling is actually how we started talking in the very beginning of us dating.  So yes we love it

The easiest way to describe my work would be, documentary mixed with filmesque color and grainy moody black and white. I’m basically a fly on the wall observing and shooting and documenting your day. 

When you book with me there is a form you will be sent that is your contract and it actually has a link at the bottom of it to securely pay through that with a credit card. I do accept cash and checks as well.