The Fall Of Troy, played doppelganger in its entirety for a 15+1 year tour on Friday July 16th, 2021 in Dallas TX, at southside ballroom. 

This was very awesome because it was a packed house as it was most people’s first concert post pandemic. I was super excited to go to it because I saw them on the original run for this album back in Odessa at a place called Earls II, pretty sure I was a senior in high school when they came through. The night started off kind of interesting but it worked itself out. It was amazing hearing songs that you remember from high school and it takes you back and you feel nostalgic. This was Mallory’s first time seeing them and we both walked away happy with what we saw and also what I captured in photos. 

This was the first time i have ever got to shoot from the side stage at any show ever, i saw that the artists had blue wristbands and i had one as well so I made a mad dash for the side stage area close to the end of The Fall Of Troy’s set, I wish I would have done it during 68 though to be honest.

all in all it was a great first concert back to photographing in over a year, and also a great date night as well. I really was so happy to get back to photographing concerts again.

All of the images were shot on a Fuji x-pro3 with either the new 18mm f/1.4 , 35mm f/1.4, or 56mm f/1.2, and was then edited with a Fuji acros profile in capture one. The Lighting made things Super complicated it was just washes of either red or solid blue. See more of my concert work here

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